How to Make Your Villas More Spacious & Inviting 

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How to Make Your Villas More Spacious & Inviting

The design of a villa can make it feel bigger and more spacious, but you have to keep certain things in mind to achieve that effect. Some of the most important design tips include creating open space and staircase entrances, incorporating natural stone slabs and wood furniture, and building solar panel roofs. If you consider Dubai hills estate villas for sale, here are a few more ideas to make your villa feel spacious and inviting. Besides these tips, you may also consider using some of these interior design tips when renovating your villa.

Staircase entrances:

Whether you are building a villa or renovating a home, there are many ways to make the space look larger and airier, including staircases. Whether you want a simple straight staircase or a more intricate architectural design, numerous options are available to fit your needs and style. Please browse through our gallery of stunning staircases to get inspired! Here are 21 beautiful staircase designs that will make your home look more spacious and airy.

Wooden furniture:

Aside from enhancing the ambiance of your villa, wood-finished furniture also makes the interiors look larger. The rustic furniture style is made from sturdy timber and is generally upholstered in natural leather or other rough fabrics. Its variations often include wicker and rattan. Choosing the right wood and upholstery for your villa is essential to creating the right ambiance in the room.

Solar panel roofs:

There are many benefits to installing solar panels on a villa’s roof. One of the most obvious is an increased sense of space. But, there are also drawbacks to solar energy. Depending on the roof’s material, installing solar panels can be complicated. Generally, you need planning permission for solar installations on a flat roof. In some instances, you may not have the skills or equipment necessary to install panels on slate or wood.

Swimming pool:

A swimming pool can be an excellent feature in a villa. Most pools today are made of fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete. The last one is becoming out of fashion, but many types of pools are still available. Some of these are even made of wood. If you’re looking to add a pool to your villa, consider a rooftop one. A rooftop pool benefits from being above ground, which can make the space feel more spacious.